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How to Make a WordPress website loading fast?

How to Make a WordPress website loading fast?

The page load speed usually determines your level of success in blogging. Google always loves websites that as faster and unproblematic to the readers. The fast-loading website enhances the user experience dramatically, which leads to more page visitors and less bounce rate. Slower sites can decrease your conversion rate. You can reduce your site load speed effortlessly. So we have listed five absolute ways to increase the speed of the WordPress website. So let’s jump into it.

  • Get yourself a good web hosting

There are tons of websites that provide Hosting offers and variable prices. Simply hosting means making your website live on the internet after registering a domain name. Using shared hosting isn’t reliable these days. If any site hosted on the same hosting package(shared hosting) faces heavy traffic, then there can be various problematic errors. So avoid using shared hosting. A good hosting directly increases the site load speed.

We highly recommend you to take hosting from the Blue host after you visit the homepage, scroll down slightly and click on ‘Hosting Plans’ and choose the packages as per your need. After you sign up in Bluehost, enter your domain name on the interface.

  • Use a caching plugin

Caching is the procedure of storing numerous copies of files in a cache. It can also be stored in a temporary storage location, which makes access is generally used in orientation to Internet technologies. The stored cache reduces latency and makes the site load faster. Also, files, pictures, or JS codes will load more quickly on the websites more speedily.

Benefits of caching webpages

  1. It reduces bandwidth consumption.
  1. It decreases access latency.
  2. Caching will decrease network traffic, so the contents that aren’t cached can also be accessed faster due to lesser load on the server.
  3. It condenses the workload of the remote web server.
  4. If the remote server isn’t available due to a crash or any other problem, the client can obtain a cached copy at the proxy, which will enhance the web service.
  • Optimize the WordPress database

If your Database is well organized, you can access the data more quickly and the viewers too. It is the main principle when it comes to the term ‘database optimization.’ You can remove the clutter and make your site load faster.

Similar to caching, Database optimization is a straightforward procedure. Merely install and activate the plugin on your WordPress website (optimize plugin). Don’t get panicked by the advanced interface. It’s safe and easy to use.

  • Remove unnecessary plugins

Installing a WordPress plugin makes your site’s functionality different, which eventually slows down your website. You don’t have to uninstall all those plugins installed but ask yourself, “Do I need this plugin”? You can navigate to Wp-admin/plugins and observe all the plugins installed. Filter the unnecessary and discretionary plugins and delete it. After you accomplish this, you will notice a lot of progress on your website’s load speed. Also, installing unreliable plugins may create different problematic errors, and it’s not safe to use those plugins.

  • Update your website

You might be wondering updating a site will make the speed slower, but it is wrong. Updates lean-to center on introducing new features and improving its security issues. Any bloated code is well optimized and enhanced, which eventually makes the website faster. If you are using an old version, you will miss new features. You should update the website regularly. Always think of ‘Updating the site for reasons rather than speed.’ But updating a website for a purpose directly increases the speed.

So concluding the overall blog, we can summarize that the critical factor of enhancing the user experience is a fast-loading website. Also, comment down below your insights on ways to make a WordPress site load faster.

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