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Abu Dhabi International Airport 

Do you prefer working at an international airport in the UAE? Are you planning to fly to Dubai for a better career? If you consider yourself a deserving candidate and want to join Abu Dhabi International Airport then we have presented some helpful tips that will certainly deliver the necessary information regarding Abu Dhabi International Airport. Hence, you will require reading the article thoroughly to get the details of the jobs in an international airport.

Talking about Abu Dhabi International Airport, it is the second-largest airport situated in Abu Dhabi. It is located in the east of Abu Dhabi City and carries millions of people every year. Like other airports, Abu Dhabi International Airport also supplies numerous benefits and facilities to its passengers. As the airport locates in the famous city of the world number of people from the world migrate. They prefer traveling to their destiny through Abu Dhabi airport.

Moreover, it is the sole international airport which is also the hub of Etihad Airways and Etihad Cargo. The airport has 53 airlines and offers service to 93 destinations in more than 54 countries. Similarly, employers provide job opportunities for skilled and deserving candidates. You can join the organization and enhance your abilities. Moreover, joining the company itself is pride as you will be dealing with famous and different faces daily. Even the entry-level jobs are paid with a high pay scale that’s why the employees are more attracted to airport jobs.

Therefore, if you also wish to have a prestigious job then Abu Dhabi International Airport can be the best choice. Your work will be respected and additional benefits are given to the workers for their motivation and encouragement.

What can you do on a layover at Abu Dhabi International Airport?


 As we know that layover refers to the resting time before heading towards your journey. Hence, you will get a certain time to rest at the airport before traveling on a flight. You might feel bore sitting and wait for the flight at the airport. You will have a layover for 4 to 24 hours traveling through Abu Dhabi International Airport. Thus, to reduce your boredom airport supplies various services to their passengers. You can enjoy the service and get entertainment and fun during your travel. Here are some of the things that you can perform on a layover at the airport:-

  • Have a bite to eat

The airport in Abu Dhabi consists of various restaurants and cafes where you can have something to eat. You can enjoy McDonald’s, Burger King, and other food in the restaurants. However, the cost is expensive but you can also find the outlet serving an affordable food service.


  • Get refresh in the lounge

You can get the service of lounges while traveling through the Abu Dhabi airport. Moreover, you can watch TV, read a newspaper, etc. in a quiet environment. Some of the lounges also have showers for you so that you can freshen up before the flight.

  • Play golf

If you have a layover for more than 3 hours then besides sitting in the airport you can stretch your legs in the Al Ghazal Golf Course. It is located about seven minutes ride from the airport. You can experience playing golf in a foreign land. Additionally, the golf course is known as the world’s best sand golf course. You can play 9 or 18 holes and get a refresh.

Abu Dhabi International Airport
Abu Dhabi International Airport


  • Go for sightseeing

In case you are free for half of the day before your flight you can spend your time visiting places near to the airport. You can visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque and watch the world’s largest carpet and the biggest chandeliers. Furthermore, you can go for visiting Louvre Abu Dhabi which is the iconic art museum. You can observe the art of famous artist that has been collected for centuries. Moreover, there are many places to visit during a flight layover in Abu Dhabi.


  • Do shopping

The next thing you can do is shop for the latest and branded products. The stores in the airport have branded products that will certainly deliver a happy shopping to the clients. Moreover, you can buy the materials duty-free where you can purchase your choice at a reasonable price. The quality of the products is very good and there is also a chance to win various gifts through tickets.


  • Get free Wi-Fi

Since there is a facility of free Wi-Fi on the premises of the airport you can get connected with your near and dear. Similarly, you will have an opportunity to do your office work from there. You can be socially active and use the internet available. In case you do not have a mobile device with you there is nothing to worry about. You can use the free computers placed in each terminal. In addition to it, you can also have printing and faxing services too.


  • Relax in SPA

If you are tired of traveling and want to spend some hours relaxing your body and mind then you can get the service of the SPA at the airport. The SPA offers manicure, pedicure, massage, foot and back treatments, etc. You can relax and move to your journey being free from any stress.


  • Take a nap

In Abu Dhabi airport, you can find two hotels where you can get asleep if you grab a long hour’s layover. If you do not want to experience the hotel you can just move to the Go Sleep and take advantage of a long layover. It will allow you to take enough rest and keep you fresh while traveling.

Reasons to fly through Abu Dhabi International Airport

You will find several reasons to choose Abu Dhabi airport to pass through to other destinations. Because of the available facilities and entertaining service, the travel through Abu Dhabi is very exciting for the passengers. With our research, we have listed some reasons for admiring Abu Dhabi airport:-

  • World’s first uni-sleeping pods

Experiencing a trip through Abu Dhabi airport will supply you the chance to take a short nap in the sleeping pods. It is designed in such a way that consists of a plug to charge your devices and self-clean the pods. Moreover, there is a space available for storing your baggage safely. For getting this your signature will be taken on a wavier assuring that in case if you fall asleep during your flight you will be responsible for the loss. Hence, it is needed to set an alarm and make a prior reservation.


  • Free flight updates

If you are heading to your destination via Abu Dhabi airport then you will receive free flight updates. It means you will receive update regarding the flight time change. Moreover, you can receive the message through text and manage accordingly for the flight.


  • Options in duty-free

The passenger might be thinking about how to spend the layover time. The best time spending especially for women can be shopping. As it is the favorite hobby for every woman you can get branded and quality perfumes and cosmetic products duty-free. Since the cost of the products is also affordable shopping will be a perfect time to spend things for passengers.


  • Airport premium lounges

As the city is very reputed for its hospitality industry you can get excellent customer service if you head to the premium lounges of the airport. For using the facility you will require paying a certain entry fee and an additional fee for extra service used. You can watch TV, order snacks and meal for 24 hours, take showers, etc. Furthermore, the children can get a discount of 30 percent for the service enjoyed.


  • Free wireless and baby strollers

As Dubai has the world’s fastest Wi-Fi service you can spend your time talking with your family and friends. Furthermore, you can get connected to the business meetings if it’s urgent. There is a facility of the business hall and other business equipment for the convenience of the business personnel. Additionally, if you are traveling with your children you might require a separate room for their care. Hence, you can ask for baby care and rent a room to take care of your children.

Jobs available in Abu Dhabi International Airport

Some of the jobs available in Abu Dhabi airport include the following:-

  • Airport Operations Centre Controller
  • Auto Mechanic
  • Guest Relation Officer
  • Receptionist Administrative
  • Airport Specialist
  • Guest Service Agent
  • Front Desk Team Leader
  • Bellboy
  • Assistant Front Office Manager
  • Accountant
  • F&B Assistant Supervisor
  • Waitress
  • Housekeeping Attendant
  • AC Technician
  • Heavy Duty Mechanic
  • Bartender
  • Executive Chef
  • Chef De Partie
  • Baggage Loader
  • Equipment Operator
  • Restaurant Operations Manager
  • Fire and Safety Officer
  • Freelance Public Relations Officer
  • Purchasing Officer
  • Chief Accountant
  • Sales Representative
  • Customer Service Representative

Starting a job career at Abu Dhabi airport provides you with various benefits. Similar to other sectors in the nation you can earn a free tax salary. The pay scale is really impressive due to which many candidates are eager to work and live in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, the next benefit can be free accommodation, transport, and food for the employees. As an employee of the airport, you can have free housing, food, and transport to reach the workplace on time. Furthermore, there is diversity in a work environment.

Since the country welcomes foreigners to work in Dubai you can meet up with different people from around the world. Similarly, you can learn about their culture and skills from the team. Every day will be a new day and you will learn a new thing each day. Hence, there is a dynamic atmosphere and you will never feel bored with your work. Additionally, you will be offered free airfare to return to your home town once a year. If you want to explore in other countries also you can get the tickets on discount flying through Abu Dhabi air or other partner airlines.

Generally, every organization has an insurance policy in Dubai. Likewise, the airport also gives health insurance facilities to their workers. You can get any medical treatment and reduce the stress of health expenses. In addition to it, you can get an annual paid leave to travel or spend time with your family. At the end of the service, the employers also provide a gratuity fund as a respect for the worker’s service. They thank and create a strong relationship with the employers and also encourage them to extend their service period.

Conclusion for Abu Dhabi International Airport

In conclusion, we are certain that you gain some knowledge regarding the airport in Abu Dhabi. To get the job in an airport you will need to check the official website of the company. You should check the available jobs and apply if you have any interest. Moreover, it is necessary to match the skills and abilities with the job requirement. Otherwise, you won’t be able to result in an effective output. Hence, it is a must to meet all the criteria.

When you choose a suitable job for you it’s time to apply for the registration. You will require filling all the true personal information in the application. It should be clear and reliable so that employers can understand your interest and ability. Furthermore, you should submit your cover letter and CV in the form. You should format a standard CV to grab the attention of the reader. Therefore, to get success working in an airport you should have prior plans. It is essential to stay focused and do any efforts to reach your goals.


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